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Kristin Arzt

Dye Garden Kit

Dye Garden Kit

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Grow your own vibrant and sustainable colors with the Grow Your Own Dye Garden Kit. This kit includes everything you need to cultivate a garden of natural dye plants. With dye seeds for indigo, madder, hopi sunflower, and cosmos, you'll have a variety of hues at your fingertips.

Not only does this kit provide you with high-quality dye seeds, but it also includes three compostable planters for easy planting. The real standout of this kit is the handmade ceramic planter and pot plate, crafted by a skilled potter in North Carolina. Each piece is unique and showcases intricate hand-carved or textured details.

To help you get started on your dye garden journey, the kit comes with a downloadable ebook that provides step-by-step instructions on seed starting and plant care. All the seeds included in this kit were organically grown and harvested in 2023.

This kit includes:

- Dye seeds for indigo (~50), madder (~10), hopi sunflower (~10), and cosmos (~20) seeds

- 3 compostable planters

- A handmade ceramic planter made by a Maryland-based potter. Each pot is unique and made by hand.

- A downloadable ebook that walks you through starting seeds and growing the plants

Embrace sustainable creativity with the Grow Your Own Dye Garden Kit and bring a burst of natural color to your world.

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