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Kristin Arzt

Bundle Dyeing Kit

Bundle Dyeing Kit

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Experience the joy of creating your own unique textiles with our Bundle Dyeing Kit. This natural dye kit is perfect for those seeking a creative and sustainable way to add color to their fabrics. The kit includes pre-treated cotton and silk, as well as a variety of natural dyes such as cochineal, organic flowers, and logwood. With pH modifiers included, you have full control over the vibrant hues you can achieve. We've also included a downloadable 20+ page ebook that guides you through the entire process, from selecting materials to mastering different dyeing techniques. Unleash your creativity and explore the beautiful world of natural dyes with our Bundle Dyeing Kit. Transform ordinary fabrics into works of art that reflect your unique style and love for the environment.

What’s included:

- Pre-mordanted silk habotai scarf
- Pre-mordanted cotton bandana
- Your own copper pipe
-Organically grown flowers
- Cochineal bugs
- Logwood chips
- Post-dye modifiers
- A 20+ page digital booklet including recipes, dye plants, step-by-step instructions, equipment, and more.

    This kit includes two pre-treated fabrics, but you can dye much more material with the dyestuffs included.

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